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Hi everyone,

For SBC #1, I updated my avatar. I chose to use the “Pocoyize Yourself” website because I remembered at a young age I used to watch Pocoyo. Pocoyo is so cute and it was easy to make an avatar that resembled myself.

Eyebrows: For the eyebrows, I used the straight brown ones.

Facial Hair: …Let’s keep going, shall we?

Eyewear: I chose the black frames because it looked the most like my glasses.

Hair: I used the long hair with black color.

Eyes: I used Pocoyo’s eyes with the tiny gray lines.

Shirt: I chose the beige shirt with the colorful scarf to resemble my dream of seeing snow, and because I’m very sensitive to cold places.

Pants and Shoes: I chose the dark bluish-gray jeans (even though I don’t like jeans) and brown boots to match the shirt.

So that’s my new avatar! Please enjoy!


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